Monday, June 1, 2015

Equipment/Tools needed to make cupcakes

If you are going serious into the baking business, my advice is to buy the best quality of tools that you can afford.

There are 5 must have tools/equipment that you need when making cupcakes.
  1. ELECTRIC MIXER- This is a kitchen workhorse for bakers! Many batters can be made without one but for most types of frosting a mixer is very important. A standing mixer is more efficient that a hand one because it leaves our hands free to do other things, and  it has a motor that can power through heavy batters and frostings.
          There are many sizes and brands. Be sure to make your research before deciding which one
          you will be getting.

       2.  CUPCAKE LINERS-These are available in solid colors, pastel or bold tones, prints,  and are
       made of shiny foils, or grease proof paper. If you well grease the muffin pan , it's not  necessary
       to use liners, I rather use liners, easier to remove from muffin pan, make it easy to handle
       cupcakes when frosting them and they look cute if we use a liner that will match the party theme.

       3. MUFFIN PANS
  • STANDARD: Have twelve cavities, each with a 1/2 cup capacity.
  • JUMBO: Have six cavities of 3/4 cup capacity
  • MINI: have twenty-four tiny cavities that hold about 3 tablespoons a piece

      4. ICE CREAM SCOOP- To get even sized cupcakes an ice cream scoop comes in handy,  
       especially when batters are thick and heavy.
     Ice cream scoops come in many different sizes, so choose the right measuring size for Jumbo,
     Standard & Mini cupcakes.
     5.SILICONE SPATULA- Indispensable kitchen tools!  With a wide, flexible silicone spatula you can scrape every last bit from the bowl and easily smooth over the batter's surface. I prefer to use silicone spatulas because they are hear resistant and do not pick up food odors.  These also come in many different sizes. To begin with you should have a small, medium and large silicone spatula.
Don't forget the FOOD COLORING: standard good coloring from supermarket come in basic colors and they can thin your batter or icing since they are all water based. The best are the gels sold in specialty stores which come in a variety of colors and sizes.



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