Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summertime = Baking time! | Houston Baking Supplies

Now that the kids are home from school and the craziness of the school year is officially behind you, why don't you take the time to find the joy in baking!? If the new hobby is for you or your kids (or both!), let us at Fiesta Baking Supplies in Houston, Texas help you get started. We have an amazing selection of baking supplies to make your new hobby fun and easy. Come in to our stocked shop and let us show you how to use icing, fondant, gum paste, molds, cutters, brushes, glitter and a long list of other tools. You can even sign up for a decorating class or purchase books and DVD's to make the learning process even more fun.

So, what are you waiting for? It's too hot to be outside...so let's get in the kitchen together. Come and see us at Fiesta Baking Supplies in Houston and let's tie on our aprons together. We can't wait to help you create many amazing baked items for those you love! Your little summertime project just won over the hearts of everyone in your family! See you soon!

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