Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Not to long ago, cupcakes were treats just for kids. Cupcakes with colorful frostings and sprinkles were meant to enchant the kids eyes and the frosting was made to please the kids sweet tooth.  But…. Adults have begun to realize what they’ve been missing and cupcakes’ popularity has grown.

There are several theories about how cupcakes came to be called “cupcakes”.

1)      They got their name because they were baked in small cups or tea cups to create individually sized cakes.

2)      Cupcakes like pound cakes were named after the recipe that was used to make them: one cupa of each; butter,sugar,flour and eggs


BUTTER-:Always use unsalted butter; it allows you to have full control over the amount of salt in your recipe. Unsalted butter is also known as sweet butter. Don’t use butter substitutes , it can affect the taste and texture of your cupcake



                   VEGETABLE OIL  SPREAD                                        REAL BUTTER
·         FLOUR-: There are 2 types: All purpose flour and cake flour. All purpose flour has a higher protein content than cake flour and yields a firmer cake texture. When your recipe calls for cake flour and you don’t have any available,for every cup of cake flour needed, use 7/8 or ¾ cup plus 2 tablespoons of all purpose flour plus 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.
·         SUGAR-:Gives the sweetness to cupcakes, it tenderizes, adds moisture and promotes browning during baking. Granulated sugar is the most commonly used in baking because of it has neutral flavor.  Brown Sugar contains molasses, which makes it moist and gives it a caramel like flavor. Confectioners’ sugar is often used in glazes, frostings, and for dusting sweets just before serving.
·         EGGS-: Mostly all the recipes were developed with large eggs. If the eggs need to be separated, it’s easier to do so when they’re cold and the yolks are firm. If you’ll be whipping the egg whites, they must be free of any yolk, so be careful when separating the eggs, and be sure that the bowl and beaters that  you use to whip the whites are clean.
·         BAKING SODA  and BAKING POWDER -: both are leveling agents that help cupcakes rise during baking.  Baking soda is used when the batter contains an acidic ingredient like buttermilk or sour cream.  Baking powder  can be used in the presence or absence of an acidic ingredient. Old baking powder often does not provide proper lift so check the expiration date before using.





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